Thursday, August 25, 2005

so much to do, so little time

I'm finally starting to get things in order but my to-do list for this trip just seems to keep growing and growing. As does the cost for it.
I opened an account just for my trip and deposited the $900 worth of change that my sister and I collected over the past ten years. We were saving it for charity but I think that this qualifies. I've sent out tens of solicitations to family, friends, and businesses and hit up everyone at work. The tag sale I have planned should help out too.
Speaking of the tag sale, I still need to go through my basement and determine what I'm going to sell. Then I have to price everything, apply for a permit, and advertise. And of course since the tag sale is going to be up at my dad's house I need to transport all the junk and god only knows how I'm going to fit it all into my car.
There are some things that are going well. I got all my vaccinations - typhoid, yellow fever, polio, hepatitis A, and pre-exposure rabies - and the medications I'll need to take while I'm abroad to protect against malaria. And I had an interview with the paper, so hopefully the publicity will bring in some donations.
I still need to book my flight and apply for my visa. Hopefully I can get this all in order in the next couple of months without going totally crazy.
So let's see where I stand.

Things that are all set:
1. vaccinations
2. passport
3. job for the next two months

Things that I still need to do:
1. apply for my visa
2. book my flight
3. organize and execute tag sale
4. learn some swahili
5. buy long skirts (it's appropriate attire for Tanzanian women)
6. fundraise a few more thousand dollars
7. do research on Tanzanian culture and history


Blogger Mom said...

Love your blog, sweetie! Hope you'll have internet access, at least occasionally, in Tanzania so we can keep up on the details of your trip.

8:14 AM  

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